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Together as a community we provide a ​convenient way, whether you're a local shopper or a business, to ​prioritize your experience and make it rewarding for supporting local.

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Getslocal is an exclusive local business marketplace offering unique features that empower you to connect and grow in ways unmatched by traditional marketplaces.

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Getslocal promotes your business to thousands of local consumers and hundreds of other local businesses through our marketplace


Getslocal markets local businesses and connects them with the community through various strategies. They participate in local events, use social media, and optimize online visibility. 


Pay for what you need with what you have; allowing you to preserve working capital for other needs when you use Trade Credits instead of cash.


Market directly with promo ads and premium deals to customers and followers through push notifications, email, and texts. This ensures immediate visibility & engagement, 

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Real People

Club Members are people in your local community.

Real Businesses

Business Members are owned and operated locally.

Real Credit

Points and Credits that are backed by the goods and services of the members.

The case for In Country Value (ICV)

“In Country Value” (ICV) refers to a concept primarily used in the oil and gas industry, though it can apply to other sectors as well. The big idea is to maximize the value retained in the country where a business operates. 

Companies that participate in a coalition loyalty and capacity exchange program, like Getslocal, can significantly contribute to their "In Country Value" by supporting local businesses. This helps with creating jobs, fostering economic diversification, enhancing technological capabilities, and promoting sustainable and socially responsible practices.

A sustainable economy today, lays the foundation for innovation by the people of tomorrow.

Be part of the localization movement — shop, support, and thrive locally!

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