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getslocal is here to make change; we're here to make Buying Local a convenient and top choice for businesses and consumers and we're here to give local businesses the business tools that corporate giants have been using to crush them.     

Our Mission

Business Benefits

Discover the many benefits your business will receive when using the getslocal digital tools through GETS Rewards and GETS Trade.

The Platform

Club Benefits

On the Club Rewards App, you are just one click away from hundreds of dollars worth of Solo Points from local Merchants. Once you add them as your favorite, you will receive special deals and personalised offers from them, as well as Bonus Solo points from many to get you started!  

Club App

Digital Tools

Access the digital tools, usually only available to large ​corporations, these tools have been designed for independent businesses to help them level the playing field in their favor. 


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We created our own Methodology

Coalition Loyalty

Getslocal operates as a coalition loyalty program we call GETS Rewards, which unites various local businesses under a single rewards app. Its called the Club Rewards App.

Customers can earn and redeem rewards across a network of merchants, encouraging loyalty to the collective rather than just one merchant. 

This approach not only fosters community engagement but also amplifies customer retention and inter-business collaboration​.


Additionally, Getslocal facilitates a capacity exchange that we call GETS Trade, also known as a barter exchange, where Trade Credits can be used as the medium of exchange. 

This system allows businesses to trade goods and services within a closed-loop network, using a digital unit-of-account pegged to the dollar. 

It operates as a peer-to-peer mutual credit clearing system, enabling businesses to leverage their excess capacity and gain value that can be reinvested within the local economy​.

The Currencies

We navigate three unique currencies, a trio that may seem intricate, but is effortlessly simple in practice.

Trade Credits


The "Trade Credit" is backed by the obligations of the business members to provide goods or services. Used in the GETS Trade Marketplace.

Premium Ponts


Premium Merchants can issue Premium Points, which can then be spent at all getslocal Merchants. Used in the GETS Rewards Marketplace by Club Members.

Merchant Solo Points


Solo Points are issued by Merchants and used to purchase Solo discount deals with the merchant’s where they were earned. Used in the GETS Rewards Marketplace by Club Members.

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