CLUB Rewards APP

With the getslocal Club Rewards Appyou are just one click away from hundreds of Dollars worth of Solo Points from local Merchants. Once you add them as your favorite, you will receive special deals and personalized offers from them, as well as Bonus Solo points from many others to get you started!  


Where Everyone GetsLOCAL

Access hundreds of local reward programs through one app never sign up for a reward card again!

Earn Premium Rewards at select Merchants, which can then be spent at all getslocal Merchants!

Support your local community and discover fantastic Offers, tailored to your interests! Look out for the getslocal logo in your Favorite Shops

On the getslocal club App, you can earn Solo Points from your favorite Merchants with every purchase.  

All On One App

Access a collection of independent local reward programs on the getslocal club app.

Look out for the getslocal club logo in your favorite Shops – or search for hidden gems on the getslocal club app

Solo  Points

Earn Solo points with every purchase on the getslocal club app.

Solo Points can ONLY be used to purchase Solo deals with the merchant’s where you earned them.

Premium Rewards

Shop on getslocal club app and look for Premium merchants and their Premium deals and earn Premium Points…

…premium points can then be spent at ALL getslocal Merchants!

How Card Linking Works

What else you do get?

Rewards on the Go!

Use getslocal to sign up and earn Rewards at hundreds o​f local reward programmes!

Hidden Gems!

Use  the getslocal clup app to find the local businesses near you!

Next Door Delivery!

Find what you need near you - and pick it up the same day!

No More Cards!

Give your wallet a break - and use your phone instead!

Gr​eat Deals!

Find great deals at local shops, all through the getslocal app!

Great Experiences

Find new favorites and new experiences at our getslocal Members!