the getslocal Platform

Easy to access wherever you need it.

Within the suite we have three apps:

GETS Rewards App

The Club Rewards App allows your customers to earn rewards points and access hundreds of loyalty programs from a broad range of local businesses. It's their one stop shop for everything local!

Club Connect App

The Club Connect App allows you to process reward and trade payments with any Android, Windows or IOS device, from virtually anywhere. The Store App can track deals and sales in real-time.

Business Platform

The Business Platform the main admin hub for you to access Getslocal, where you can trade with other members, administer your account, and create marketing campaigns to generate sales.

How it Works is Simple:

Start by Registering your business! 
This allows you to be seen by both Club Members and Business Members within your community. Best of all, it cost nothing to make you visible on the platform everyone's using!
Build a Loyalty Program.
Start offering rewards points to your everyday customers. If they're not already a Club Rewards Member, it's easy for them to sign up and start earning with you and other businesses in the community.
Begin making Sales.
Getslocal is not just about tying Consumers and Businesses together but also businesses with other businesses! List your goods or services on the GETS Trade marketplace and make new business partners.
Maximize your Potential.
As a business you can capture your full potential by using your unsold goods or services to spend within the network. Use what you're good at to make what you already offer even better. This is the power of credit.
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The Local Promo is FREE and a great way to get started and introduce your business to the getslocal community, who can find out more about you by reading your business profile.

Local Promo


All the features of a Promo member, but with many more additional benefits such as the ability to trade with GETS Trade. With the addition of a monthly solo program you will be able to give your regulars deals and offers. 


$ 29

With approval you can recieve a line of trade credit which can be a great option for maximizing your business with the additional benefit of having your own Solo Loyalty program already included. Premium is our best value.


$ 59

You get it all in one package with increased benefits for your business when you trade. You have all the features of the all package with the added advantages and financial benefits of being a network partner.


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