General Business FAQ's

getslocal business Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it free for my business to join getslocal?

Yes its free to sign up!

Signing up as a Promo Member is free and no obligation. This puts your business on the local map for others in the area to see and interact with. As a Promo member you are not able to participate in GETS Trade or GETS Rewards and can request to have your account removed at any time.

You can register your business as a Solo, Premium, or Partner with no credit card is required. Once your account has been verified and activated by a Getslocal Administrator, a credit card will be required to pay for the subscription at that time. 

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What is GETS Trade?

GETS Trade 

GETS Trade allows business to monetize unsold capacity or products to conserve cash, create new sales, increase efficiency and reduce waste.

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What is GETS Rewards?

GETS REWARDS GETS Rewards is collection of Independent Loyalty Programs combined with a Premium Coalition Loyalty Program - all in one place. 

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What are Trade Credits and are they Legal?

Trade Credits are the medium of exchange that a business can opt to use within the GETS Trade Marketplace to buy and sell goods and services. Trade Credits compliment the United States Dollar and have many propeties or characteristics that make them a valuable tool for conducting business. Trade Credits cannot be converted into cash from getslocal. They are only in circulation within the GETS Trade marketplace and can be converted to Premium Points to be used in the GETS Rewards network at a rate of 1:100.

More on our Trade Credits Here:

The Use of Trade Credits and Capacity Exchange Systems are completely legal as outlined by the 1982 TEFRA Act and the IRS requires us to collect documentation on our members that buy and sell using trade credits as these are taxable transactions. In order to trade we are required to collect an EIN or TIN Number from all participating members as well having members sign a W9.

More info on both the TEFRA Act and IRS guidelines here:  and


How does getslocal make money?

At getslocal our mission is to help give local businesses and consumers the tools to make buyling local the easiest and most convenient option.

To facilitate this ecosystem getslocal charges monthly membership subscriptions to its business members as well as commission fees on completed transactions. This helps getslocal insure the ongoing support, safety, and stability for its business and its members as well as keeping the Club Rewards App free for local shoppers.

More on memberships and fees here:

How does getslocal collect fees and membership dues?

A getslocal administrator will have you link a credit card to your account which will be charged on the 1st of each month for your monthly subscription fee and for any comission fees inccured during the previous month. You can add or edit your card plus see other information regarding your account by selecting My Account under the My Menu Screen. getslocal does not store your credit card information. All of our credit card information and processing is done by

Step 1: Select My account under the My Menu Screen

Step 2: Select Account Summary

Step 3: Select Credit Card under the My Payment Method Section

Step 4: Select Add New Card and fill out your credit Card Details

Can a business from outside my local area join getslocal?


Businesses from different locations can participate in the capacity exchange provided they are small/medium businesses and are not part of a franchise, big box retailers, or online conglomerates. getslocal's tools and systems are crafted to meet the needs of those who inhabit and operate within our communities. If you know of any potential referrals, please direct them to your getslocal representative or have them sign up referencing your business – this way, you'll benefit from aiding in our network's expansion.

A getslocal representative has contacted me about doing a promo?

That's Great! Our representatives are constantly looking for potential candidates that would potentially benefit from having a local promotional ad put on our marketplace. Do not worry, there is no obligation or fee associated with the offer. We are in the business of putting local first. We want our members to be aware of what you have to offer. Its free advertisement!

Not what you thought it was? Want to be removed? No problem. Reach out to one of our representatives and we can promptly remove your business from our ecosystem if you are a Local Promo.

Why should I tell my customers about getslocal?

Because everyones doing it! We are working together with numerous small businesses and their customers to build lasting relationships that benefit everyone and help us collectively compete in this competitive economy. It's customer-sharing to keep value circulating locally instead of with tech-giants or big box retailers. Strength in numbers.

I have questions and want to know more, where do I go?

We would love to start the conversation and discuss who we are and what we offer. We also want to learn about you, your business and what you offer and discuss if we will be the right fit for each other. Drop us a line or give us an email and we will reach back out to you regarding your inquiry.

Contact us here: