Our Team

The faces behind getslocal, its technologies, and practices.

Richard Logie

Founder and Chairman

Founder & architect of GETS Technology with 30+ years’ experience in the Peer2Peer Credit Clearing systems and rewards industry, dealing with a broad range of credit clearing exchanges globally.

Linda Sim


Her experience has been invaluable in the development and the creation of structured administrative processes. developing ethical, good and best practices and understands the challenges the back office has in running an effective business.

Indrajeet Signh

Project and Tech Lead

Project leader and technical head at GETS Technologies with 17+ years of experience in developing payment card processing and PCI compliant applications. He currently heads the GETS  team of designers and programmers dedicated to the Platform.  

Ryan Caudill

President and CEO

Project leader and management head for getslocal. With a finance background, his experience in trade will help our business members make informed and sustainable optimization strategies with GETS Trade and GETS Rewards.

"We are dedicated to serving local communities in a way that promotes trust, responsibility, and ​community for businesses and consumers alike." 
-Richard Logie