Loyalty Exchange  

GETS Rewards: is a collection of independent loyalty programs interconnected via the GETS Loyalty Exchange platform all delivered on one single App

Social Commerce  

GETS Social: gives businesses the ability to share links to their Premium Deals and Promotional Ads directly from the GETS marketplace to their own social pages

Data Analytics  

GETS Insights: ​enables businesses to analyse and better understand each of their customer’s and followers’ activity such as frequency of visits.

E-Direct Marketing  

GETS Direct: Where you can send messages, and broadcast your Promos & Deals directly to your customers and your followers’ devices from the GETS platform via Push, Email and Texts

Capacity Exchange  

GETS Trade: gives businesses the option to accept Local Credits for Goods and Services that would otherwise remain unsold

Local Markets  

GETS Markets: consists of two separate but interconnected B2B & B2C local markets delivering to the local business buyers and consumers

Collaborative Network  

GETS Together: encourages participating businesses to collaborate by putting their resources at each other's disposal and keeping it circulating within their local economy

Sharing Economy  

GETS Local: enables businesses to promote their Goods and Services to new, existing and each other’s customers through the Loyalty Exchange Platform

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